MA* / Short term apartment rentals.
inspired in the creativity of mexican female artist.


The concept of MEXICOAPARTMENTS derives its aesthetic narrative and illustration from the lives and creative work of a few selected mexican artists, who lived around the years of the construction of the building (40s). They were also related to the Colonia Cuauhtémoc, where the building is located, and are an important part of Mexico´s history.

The lives of these talented and beautiful women, during a time of revolution, armed, aesthetic, political and cultural, of Mexico and the world, evoques in anyone who knows them, a different era, full of powerful images and passion.

These images are what we tried to synthetize and abstract in the design of MEXICOAPARTMENTS.

With a few strokes and ideas, we want to carry the guest to a different stay, full of beauty, sobriety and space for inspiration, while learning about Mexico´s art and poetry.


Designed by DGL-Architecture & Urban Design